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At last!


I know you’ve been anxiously waiting for the paperback edition of The Spiral, (go ahead, admit it!) and I also know it’s been causing you to have fitful sleep.  But I’m pleased to announce that the wait is over.  The Spiral is now what I like to call, “Officially a real book.”  It’s a dream come true for me.  I always wanted to have a physical copy to hold in my hands, and now that I do, I can finally say that I’m finished with it, and that’s a great feeling.  The eBook version is swell and all, but there’s just something about holding a hard copy in my hands and feeling the weight, and putting it on the shelf next to my favorite books.  Seems so much more tangible and legitimate.  Even if it doesn’t sell, I’m still glad I did it.


Why not?


Decided it’s time for me to fulfill my dream of holding The Spiral in my hands, so tonight I began the process of publishing it as a paperback.  And I think “process” will be a fitting word.  It should end up as a 5.25” x 8” paperback with a glossy cover, and hopefully will look and feel just as good as a book you’d buy in the store.  Since it’s a new edition, it’ll also have a new cover.  I’m rather fond of the eBook cover, but I’m anxious to see what I’ll be able to come up with, working with a professional cover designer.


Step one on a long road ahead


Work on the new novel has officially begun, and it feels really good to have some creative juices flowing again (even if it’s just a trickle for now).  I’m going to let this one unfold on its own, but I do have a basic idea that should keep things moving for a while.  It begins with Leila Turner and her daughter, Maddie, who are fleeing their old life with the hope of a new beginning.  They’re travelling the night road, a rain-lashed stretch of Interstate 80 through Nebraska.  They’ve been driving for hours in the dark, and the storm and lack of sleep has them both exhausted.  It’s time to find a room for the night.  Unfortunately for Leila, this is the night she begins to lose her mind.  Let’s just hope nothing bad happens.


Testing the waters...chilly, but inviting


The idea for my next novel is beginning to take shape.  I might be overthinking it a bit, which is what might be causing the delay in getting started, and it’s what I'd hoped to avoid.  Could be because I did have one false start with a previous idea and I abandoned the project after about twenty pages.  Just wasn't grabbing me, and luckily I recognized that fact before I'd invested even more time in writing.  I don't want to get bogged down in the details, because that doesn’t work for me.  Instead, I just want to start with a high level concept that at the very least has the potential to introduce some interesting characters and place them in some unexpected and surprising situations.  Once I get that fleshed out a little more, I think I’ll be ready to cross my fingers and start winging it (my highly not recommended method).


Odyssey of the Abecedarian – Part Four


Hi, it’s me again.  Time to wrap up this odyssey that is the process of writing a novel and trying to get it published, because by now you’ve probably reached your nausea threshold and are about to quickly turn your head away from the monitor and aim for the printer.  That’s probably best, as the monitor is crucial to your Internet activities, and who prints nowadays anyway?  But if you can keep the chunks down for a little longer, and if you have the desire to inflict yet additional torture upon yourself, I promise to keep this brief, and will then move on to other topics in the future.


Odyssey of the Abecedarian – Part Three


Welcome back.  Sorry for the delay.  I didn’t think it would take this long for installment #3, but then I figured, well, despite the breathless anticipation and nervous excitement my legions of adoring fans are struggling with on a daily basis, they must certainly have other aspects of their lives which are keeping their minds occupied while they wait.  I can only hope the agony of expectation was not too great a burden for you to bear.  I will once again attempt to astonish with my insight.  I am aware of the distinct (albeit highly unlikely) possibility that you will be bored to death (again), but let’s not entertain such depressing scenarios at this time.


Odyssey of the Abecedarian – Part Two


Hello again.  If you’re reading this second installment of my first ever multi-part blog, then I must assume Part One left you stunned, awe-inspired, thrilled, and desperately wanting more.  I try not to make too many assumptions in life, but I think I’m safe in assuming my assumption is correct this time around.  I really can’t blame you.  I felt the same way after reading it, and I, too, wanted more.  Which is why there is now a Part Two for your reading pleasure.  I will once again do my very best to leave you breathless and wanting still more.  If I fail to do that, please write me and lie through your teeth.


Odyssey of the Abecedarian – Part One


If you’re reading this blog, then you may be wondering how I ended up with a novel for sale.  And if you happen to be writing a novel of your own, you might be where I was not long ago, wondering how all those other self-published authors seemingly have it all figured out.  Of course, it’s highly possible you’re not wondering that at all.  In fact, it’s probably likely, in which case I’m afraid reading any further may cause you to fall asleep at your computer out of shear boredom.  If that’s the case, proceed at your own risk, and may I suggest putting a pillow in front of your keyboard so your head has a soft place to land.  It can be embarrassing walking around with imprints of letters and numbers in your forehead, and I would feel a certain sense of personal responsibility if that were to happen.


I can finally get that trebuchet...


I wish I could determine how many copies of my novel have been sold, but alas, I cannot.  Amazon does not provide that data, and neither do the other online stores where I have The Spiral listed for sale.  I’ll soon be getting my first royalty check, however (within a month or so is my understanding), so that might offer some clues.  I’m expecting just slightly under one million dollars, or at least enough to purchase that medieval trebuchet I’ve been drooling over on eBay.


Now the real work begins


Hello again, friends and readers.  It has been just over a week since I officially launched my first novel, The Spiral.  And before I say anything else, I’d like to express my most sincere and humble gratitude to everyone for your support.  It has been great hearing from you, and your kind words and encouragement have meant the world to me.  So from the bottom of my heart, thank you. 

Now I have an online presence, which includes this website and various social media, all designed to promote my book and my writing.  Wow, impressive.  I must really know what I’m doing.  Right?  Well, not exactly.  The truth is, I’m just winging it.




Whether you're an acquaintance of mine, a good friend or relative, a fan (perhaps that will come later), a fellow writer, or just an Internet surfer who inadvertently clicked a wrong link and ended up here by mistake, welcome to my new website to promote my writing and especially my novel, The Spiral.  Your time is precious, so I appreciate you stopping by for a visit.  Poke around a bit while you're here.


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