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Whether you're an acquaintance of mine, a good friend or relative, a fan (perhaps that will come later), a fellow writer, or just an Internet surfer who inadvertently clicked a wrong link and ended up here by mistake, welcome to my new website to promote my writing and especially my novel, The Spiral.  Your time is precious, so I appreciate you stopping by for a visit.  Poke around a bit while you're here.

You are more than welcome to download my short story and whatever other free stuff you might like on the Downloads page.  And, if you feel inclined to purchase The Spiral, I would be honored and grateful.  You can sample chapters on Amazon, and you can also download the first chapter as a PDF on the Downloads page.

I'll be busy working on this site and the other aspects of marketing and self-promotion (something that doesn't come naturally to me, by any stretch), so I hope you stop by again soon and check out what's new.  You can also subscribe to the RSS feed to receive updates from this blog.

Sign up for my newsletter, if you'd like.  I plan on only a few newsletters per year, so don't worry about being bombarded with annoying emails from yours truly.  Post a public comment on the Comments page, too, if that's your thing. 


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