Steve Dullum


The Spiral


The coastal town of Bonduel is the perfect setting for Alan Geffen to finally conquer his anxiety disorder and begin a new life. But when he discovers evidence linking a prestigious biotech company to a brutal hit-and-run accident, his quiet life becomes a nightmare. He’s now a threat to the malignant ambitions pursued behind the stark concrete walls of the facility high in the foothills on the edge of town. Alan can trust no one, especially the police…because beneath the illusion of tranquility and quaintness, Bonduel is hiding dark secrets.

Alan is alone with his paranoia and dread. Alone…except for the gunman who just smashed through his front door. Relentlessly hunted by a proficient killer, Alan must summon the courage to ignore his fears and self-doubt. His girlfriend has vanished, and Alan suspects Immutron is silencing those who might expose them.  He has to find her before it’s too late, and he’d better do it quickly—the night is waning, and by morning he will likely be dead.

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