Steve Dullum

Steve Dullum lives in Madison, WI. The Spiral is his debut suspense novel. His first short story, The Garbage Collector, received an honorary mention in the L. Ron Hubbard’s Writers of the Future contest. He has also written the short story, The Interview. He is currently working on new ideas for future stories.

Favorite writers: Dean Koontz, Stephen King, Ian Fleming, Bentley Little, Neil Gaiman, Carl Haiasen, Jimmy Buffett, John Steinbeck, Linwood Barclay, Robert McCammon, Richard Matheson, Michael Crichton.

Favorite music: The Beach Boys, Van Halen, Frank Sinatra, Iron Maiden, Volbeat, The Moody Blues, Elvis Presley, Brian Setzer, instrumental surf rock, Chris Isaak, ABBA, Bossa Nova, Neil Diamond, John Denver, U2, Hawaiian Slack-Key, Billy McLaughlin, Exotica.

Favorite movies: The Right Stuff, Office Space, North By Northwest, Star Wars, Goldfinger, Vertigo, Spinal Tap, The Shining, Psycho, Sideways, Halloween, Dances With Wolves, Before Sunrise, Shaun of the Dead.

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