I can finally get that trebuchet...

I wish I could determine how many copies of my novel have been sold, but alas, I cannot.  Amazon does not provide that data, and neither do the other online stores where I have The Spiral listed for sale.  I’ll soon be getting my first royalty check, however (within a month or so is my understanding), so that might offer some clues.  I’m expecting just slightly under one million dollars, or at least enough to purchase that medieval trebuchet I’ve been drooling over on eBay.  Do you have any idea how far you can fling a sack of Idaho potatoes?  Let’s just say it’s far enough to make having the option of flinging a sack of potatoes that far…well, priceless. At this stage, however, it’s not about the money.  If you expect to get rich self-publishing a book, then your reality lies somewhere between this world and the outer rings of Zoltar (which I hear is lovely this time of year…if you’re from Zoltar.  Otherwise, it’s so hot you’ll melt your face off in under five seconds). 

I do know a number of copies have sold, so The Spiral is slowly getting out there.  I had the pleasure of stepping off the elevator at work the other morning to be greeted by a coworker who informed me that he was hooked after only the first five chapters.  It’s those types of comments that make me want to continue writing.  I still have a warm fuzzy stuck somewhere between my left lung and my kidney.  Plus, just knowing you took time out of your busy day to read this blog.  You could be in your garden right now, enjoying the summer sun (or lack of), and plucking tomatoes from the vine.  Unless they aren’t ripe yet, in which case you might want to forget about that and continue reading. 

I’m hoping for more reviews to be posted on Amazon and elsewhere, even if they are lukewarm (they had better not suck or I’ll file a lawsuit against Amazon), as most people (myself included) are hesitant to purchase something online without positive reviews.  I realize those can take time.  Meanwhile, it’s getting read, and that is what matters most.  A wise man once said: “Build a fan base one reader at a time and the next reader will base the fan on the reading of that first builder of base fans.”  A smart philosophy to have.

I’m developing ideas for my next novel.  It’s a lot harder than you might think.  Oh sure, I have several pages of possibilities, but right now most are little more than high-level concepts that may or may not have enough meat to go the distance of becoming a full-length novel.  For that amount of effort and time commitment, I need to be at least somewhat confident that the characters and the plot will be sufficiently interesting to carry the story in unforeseen directions and surprise even me on occasion.  If I’m not surprised, then you probably won’t be either, because writers tend to think their work is way more brilliant than it actually is.  Readers have a way of keeping a writer grounded…in a good way.  On the other hand, I started The Spiral without so much as a spark of an idea.  I simply let it unfold, and luckily, it turned out pretty good.  So perhaps I’ll go that route.  Just wing it.  Again. 

I’ve also started writing my second short story, currently titled The Interview…which so far is becoming a little strange, but I like it.  It feels good to be putting words on the page again, as it’s been a while.  If I get enough short stories completed, then those will eventually become another book—a collection called “Short Stories by Steve Dullum”.  It might also be called “A Collection of Stories That Are Relatively Short by Steve Dullum”. 

Next up for the blog is a fascinating narrative of my journey to self-publication.  My intention is to leave you spellbound, stunned, and possibly weeping hysterically for days.  Or perhaps you’ll just scratch your head, star at the monitor, and think out loud: “Huh?” 

Hope life is good wherever you are.


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