Testing the waters...chilly, but inviting

The idea for my next novel is beginning to take shape.  I might be overthinking it a bit, which is what might be causing the delay in getting started, and it’s what I'd hoped to avoid.  Could be because I did have one false start with a previous idea and I abandoned the project after about twenty pages.  Just wasn't grabbing me, and luckily I recognized that fact before I'd invested even more time in writing.  I don't want to get bogged down in the details, because that doesn’t work for me.  Instead, I just want to start with a high level concept that at the very least has the potential to introduce some interesting characters and place them in some unexpected and surprising situations.  Once I get that fleshed out a little more, I think I’ll be ready to cross my fingers and start winging it (my highly not recommended method).

I’d give more away, but until I am sufficiently satisfied that it has legs and until I’ve reached the point of no return, which is the point where I’ve spent too much time on it to scrap it, I think I’ll hold off.  But I like the concept, and I think it has plenty of potential for some suspenseful and perhaps scary scenes.  Might even have a few traces of science fiction, we’ll see.  Could involve some frightening creatures who may or may not be of this world.  Might involve some ominous, shadowy organization hunting innocent people who are experiencing some rather strange events in their lives.  Might involve some evil clowns who crash birthday parties on flaming trapezes…we’ll see. 

I guess the hard part for any aspiring writer is to find the time and energy to write after putting in long, mentally draining days at the office.  But that’s life and there’s no avoiding it at the moment, so it’s about time to take the plunge again and get started on book two.  It’s a little daunting, but I’m hopeful that if the idea is solid, the words will come.  I’m anxious to get lost in the process again, which when it’s flowing, is the most enjoyable and rewarding part. 


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