Step one on a long road ahead

Work on the new novel has officially begun, and it feels really good to have some creative juices flowing again (even if it’s just a trickle for now).  I’m going to let this one unfold on its own, but I do have a basic idea that should keep things moving for a while.  It begins with Leila Turner and her daughter, Maddie, who are fleeing their old life with the hope of a new beginning.  They’re travelling the night road, a rain-lashed stretch of Interstate 80 through Nebraska.  They’ve been driving for hours in the dark, and the storm and lack of sleep has them both exhausted.  It’s time to find a room for the night.  Unfortunately for Leila, this is the night she begins to lose her mind.  Let’s just hope nothing bad happens.

Can't say for sure what direction it will take next, but the book will have multiple main characters who are strangers to each other and living in different parts of the country.  Each of them will begin experiencing bizarre and frightening occurrences that make them question their grip on reality.  To make matters worse, they will soon be hunted by the shadowy figures of strange men who appear out of nowhere and then disappear without a trace.  And sometimes it's not the nameless men pursuing them.  Sometimes it's the terrifying creatures who descend from the night sky and scrape their long nails against the windows.  

Well, that's just a nugget, anyway.  We’ll see where it goes. It’ll probably end up being a story about a carnival worker named Franklin who leaves the midway behind for a life in a Tibetan monastery. 


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