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I am honored to have been interviewed by Self-Publisher's Showcase. They do a great service for independent authors. If you’re interested, check out the complete interview for a little insight into my writing process.



The final installment of my blog series is now featured on Self Publisher's Showcase. It's a fast-acting remedy for any insomnia you may be suffering from. Thanks for reading, and happy dreams.  http://bit.ly/1aDvWEk


Working on getting back into the writing after taking a couple months off. The new novel has started and I'm excited by the potential I see for interesting characters and their intertwining stories.

The third installment of my blog series is now featured on Self Publisher's Showcase. http://bit.ly/1BHGQyL


The second installment of my blog series is now featured on Self-Publisher's Showcase.



I’m giving away 10 FREE copies of my paperback novel, The Spiral. If you don’t already have a Goodreads account, just take a minute to sign up and then enter to win! Since I’m not yet a household name, let alone a global phenomenon, I’d say your chances of winning are staggeringly high! You have between 10/8 and 11/8 to enter, so there’s plenty of time…but I would recommend you drop what you’re doing this instant and sign up now. What if your computer blows up? What if you need to make an unplanned trip to the Australian outback and can’t find a computer once you’re there? Do you really want to take that chance? Check it out and good luck.

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Thanks to everyone who checked out my free short stories. Much appreciated!


If you're interested, my two short stories are now FREE until 9/12.


Just a quick new blog post:



Decided my blog needed more exposure and a little more pizzazz.  It's now located here:



Took me long enough, but the paperback version of The Spiral is now available on Amazon.com.  I’m quite pleased with the result.  The cover turned out great, and the overall quality is excellent. And at 488 pages, it has a satisfying heft.  See the Books page for details, and check out my latest blog for a little insight into the process of getting a book published.


Have the interior design completed for the upcoming paperback release of The Spiral.  Working on the cover design now, and I'm pleased with the result so far.  It'll be new, and different than the eBook cover.  Hoping to have it for sale within a month.  Stay tuned!


 The Spiral coming soon in paperback format!  See my latest blog entry for more information.


I think the change in weather has helped.  Started working on the new novel this week.  Check out my new blog post for more details (or lack of). 


Added a new blog entry.  Check it out on the Blog page.  Other than that, enjoying the wonderful deep freeze and slush this winter.


Have a very general idea for my next book.  Something I've been toying with or a while. No characters or plot yet, just a high level idea.  Now I just have to start and see what direction it takes and find out if it has enough meat to flesh out a novel. Day job has me very busy so it will be a challenge to find time. But that's just an excuse, isn’t' it?


Christmas is nearly here.  Just want to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.  And if you find some downtime during this often hectic season, curl up with a good book and lose yourself.  Stay safe and warm. 


Final installment (Halleluiah!) of the Odyssey of the Abecedarian posted on the Blog page.


Short stories The Garbage Collector and The Interview are now available as an eBook on Amazon.com.  See the Books page for details.



SteveDullum.com has been given a slight refresh, with a new Books page, and also a new banner image on the homepage.

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